New products to Launch

Tan London® New Products coming soon!!!!

Absolute Gold Champagne is a Medium to Dark shade of sunless tan.

Absolute Gold Champagne with SPF 30 is a Medium to Dark self tanning and spray tanning liquid with a double encapsulated SPF30 sun protection and infused with potent anti aging extracts, it has the most beautiful illuminating complex called Lumitan®.

Rose Champagne is a Dark shade of sunless tan, it has a very unique rose gold guide colour that gives a very true and warm tone.

Noir Champagne is a Rich Ultra Dark Sunless Tanning range.

Blanc Champagne is our Clear product range.

Tannovation® is a Express 1 to 3 hour tan.

30 Minute Tan is also a Rapid Activating product which is loved for it's olive tone.

We get asked alot if we use real Champagne?? Yes we do use real Champagne in our products, All true champagnes come from the Champagne region of France, which is where the grapes are grown and where the champagne is made. The Institute National des Ap­pelations d’Origine (INAO) is the French government’s bureau that closely oversees agricultural products and certifies that they indeed originate from the appropriate region in France.